Why You Should Sell Beats Online In Africa On AmplifiHub

If you are a music producer and want to learn how to sell beats online in Africa, here is a helpful beginners guide to selling beats using AmplifiHub.

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What’s covered in this article:

  1. Why You Should Sell Beats Online In Africa.
  2. What to Do Before Selling Beats Online In Africa.
  3. Benefits Of AmplifiHub

Why You Should Sell Beats Online In Africa Using AmplifiHub

1. Think about helping people based outside Africa who need African beats

African music is definitely getting big so there are people based outside Africa in need of quality beats. These people scour the internet every single day in search of African beats for their projects because they can’t get original African music making content from outside of Africa, so you are going to be helping a lot people by providing this online service and in return, you get to make a lot of money for yourself.

2. Make money off your talent

If you love making music, you should work on getting paid off your passion so you can work for yourself. Others like myself have done it, and you can too, instead of working at a job you don’t like.

3. It’s never been easier to sell beats online

Because of the internet, you can sell beats all over the world, 24 hours a day, and this process can be automated with AmplifiHub once you set it up to collect cash.

4. Start a Business

If you can look at your beats as a product and yourself as a “business”, you have an opportunity to generate some real income.

Some entrepreneurs spend months and hundreds of dollars trying to create a digital product to sell, but as a music producer, you can create a new beat in a couple of hours that you can sell that same day. You are in a great position to make money.


What To Do Before Selling Beats Online In Africa

Here are a few things you should consider before putting your beats online.

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1. Do You Have Quality Beats?

First, you want to make sure you are ready to sell beats. So are your beats good enough to put online to be sold?

3 Things to think about:

1. Has a music artist made music to your beats?

If no, why? Are you sure your beats are in the right song structure that is desired by music artist?

2. Have you received feedback on your beats?

Get feedback but not just from your friends who will give you polite answers. Find honest music lovers who will give constructive feedback so you can make better music.

3. Are your beats properly mixed?

When music artist listen to your beats are they mixed so they sound good on different speakers?

NB: Don’t let the 3 things above stop you from getting started with selling beats online, but you should consider the points above so you have the highest chance of success.

If you don’t, you may not do as well as you like at selling beats online without good feedback and music artist interaction.

2. Sample Copyright

Make sure that any samples you use are royalty free so you don’t end up with any legal issues in the future.

Benefits Of AmplifiHub To Music Producers

What is AmplifiHub? AmplifiHub is an online platform where music makers in Africa can sign up to offer music making services online to customers based anywhere in the world. So, how will AmplifiHub help music producers in Africa?

  1. The Personal Beat Stores : When you register on AmplifiHub as a music producer, you get to own a personal beat store that you can showcase to customers you meet online. Your customers can also purchase your beats directly from your personal beat store online and you get credited instantly. Think of the Personal Beat Store as your “Resume” or “Portfolio” of beats.
  2. The General Beat Store : Asides from having your Personal Beat Store, users can also listen to your beats directly from the General Beat Store and purchase if they are impressed.
  3. No Western Union Or MoneyGram Issue : When transacting with a customer based outside your country you’ll need a hassle free payment system. With AmplifiHub, customers can purchase your beats seamlessly on the beat store regardless of the country they are in.
  4. No Need To Manually Send Beat Samples One By One : All you have to do to share your samples to customers on social media or via email is your unique “Personal Beat Store Link”.
  5. Another Source Of Income : Imagine sleeping and waking up to credit alerts that someone purchased your beat without much work from your end, Cool right? I’ll recommend you Sign Up now and get yourself a beat store! Go online, customers are waiting.

Interested in taking your African beats online to reach more customers?

From as low as ‎₦500 per month you can own a Personal Beat Store and Do More on AmplifiHub today.

Visit www.amplifihub.com today. Tell a music producer you know.

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