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Producing Afrobeat Music – Think West Africa

Why do I Produce Afrobeat Instrumentals?

The Afrobeats Legend Fela Kuti has been a huge inspiration to my music and Africa at large.
Do you know that Afrobeat is now the new sound of West Africa as described by CNN. However as the rave of modern Afrobeats increases there is a need for quality and creativity which I “Sonar” a professional Music Producer and Sound Engineer.. offers you, and that purely streams from my passion for good music. Look, I’m from Nigeria so definitely my sounds are bound to make you “shake body”. Hehehe.

Screenshot 2023 07 31 174459 1024x647 - Producing Afrobeat Music - Think West Africa

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Afrobeat History

Just thought I’d help y’all with some afrobeat history.

Afrobeat is a music style which developed in the 1970s out of a combination of traditional Nigerian and Ghanaian music, highlife, and American funk and jazz, with a focus on chanted vocals and percussion. It was during the days of the 1970s, a decade or so after Nigeria’s Independence did the term or music genre called afrobeats evolve and become more popular. This wonderful afrobeats music genre was created and made more popular by non other than the legendary crooner himself, Fela Anikulapo Kuti – The baba himself.

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The Music Shows in Vegas

No one who plans a trip to Vegas should ever miss attending a show when they are visiting Sin City. Las Vegas is known for its spectacular shows and entertainment as much as it is known for its casinos.
In casinos if you want enjoy baccarat then visit site , which will give you information about it. There are so many Las Vegas Music shows and other forms of live entertainment, in fact, that it would be impossible to see them all in one trip! From world renowned circus acts to superstar concerts, magicians, and show girls, there is something incredible for everyone to enjoy.
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One of the best shows that Vegas has to offer is held at the Bellagio Las Vegas, one of the city’s famous casino resorts. The show is called “O” and comes from world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. This show is unlike anything you’ve likely seen before. It features a cast of 85 talented performers performing various stunts, acrobatics, etc. Moreover, the unique stage designed for the show features a pool.

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