Sonar’s Afrobeats? Think West Africa

Why do I Produce Afrobeats Instrumentals?

The Afrobeats Legend Fela Kuti has been a huge inspiration to my music and Africa at large.
Do you know that Afrobeat is now the new sound of West Africa as described by CNN. However as the rave of modern Afrobeats increases there is a need for quality and creativity which I “Sonar” a professional Music Producer and Sound Engineer.. offers you, and that purely streams from my passion for good music. Look, I’m from Nigeria so definitely my sounds are bound to make you “shake body”. Hehehe.

IG PROMO 6 - Sonar's Afrobeats? Think West Africa

When working with me… You find other genre’s such as hip hop, funk, ragga, reggae and more, but with a touch of the African flavour. You can also hola at me for Custom Beats tailored to your written songs.

I also offer other services such as Mixing and Mastering of tracks and albums as i have gained enough experience to be called a professional in my craft, having produced for several client’s abroad and in Nigeria. All you have to do is visit my Afrobeat instrumentals store to get started with making good African Music.”

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I'm a professional sound engineer / music producer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I've been producing music for well over 6 years now (Nigerian / African Afrobeat Music being my area of expertise). I founded FreakSonar in 2015. Look.. with the amount of experience I have in the audio processing field, it's almost next to impossible for me to go wrong when handling your audio needs.
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