Made With Fl Studio Mobile 3 by SONAR – Memory Lane ( Free Beat )

Afrobeat Instrumental Made With Fl Studio Mobile 3

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Memory Lane Web - Made With Fl Studio Mobile 3 by SONAR - Memory Lane ( Free Beat )

Made With Fl Studio Mobile 3 – Memory Lane ( Free Beat )

I made this really cool alkayida / afrobeat instrumental on my Fl studio mobile 3 app. Uhm.. because I’m a bit limited on vsts / samples on the program the beat might sound a little bit ” not it ” So.. bear with me and enjoy the beat as I give it out for free! Yes! Royalty free! Just give me credit.. that’s all.

I’ve got tons of great afrobeat instrumentals made with fl studio mobile 3 app. If you produce / make beats I strongly recommend you give the app a try because it’s really worth it. For instance.. Imagine you being in a bus heading out then you get inspired to make a beat and then you pull out your phone, launch the fl studio mobile app and start producing / making beats. Awesome right? Cool. That way no idea ever gets wasted. You can even make use of the app as a sketch pad for a song idea then you go full scale on the desktop version when you in the studio. Go get the app fam! stop slacking!

Watch How I Made The Beat With The Fl Studio Mobile App

I’ll be making more beats on the program and I’ll also be uploading some of em for y’all to make use of for free..

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Daniel Asamoah
Daniel Asamoah
5 years ago

I am a rapper and a singer can you help me

3 years ago

I love what you do

Tulife Alamin
Tulife Alamin
3 years ago

Download link

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