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Online Audio Mixing and Mastering Services.

We are a pro online music mixing and mastering studio with happy customers all around the globe. We have over 1000 5-star reviews on fiverr and upwork combined.

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Why Does Your Song Need Professional Mixing and Mastering?

Having your music Mixed and Mastered by a professional mixing and mastering engineer is the most crucial step needed to succeed in the music industry. Whether recorded in your home studio or pro recording studio, Professional Mixing and Mastering will make sure your song sounds as best as it should and has the potential to become the next big hit. It will also help your tracks stand out to record labels and compete with grammy winning artists on today’s radio and digital distributors such as Apple Music, and Spotify.

Upload Stem Files

After you've recorded your song, simply export and upload your stem/audio files through wetransfer.

Sit Back & Relax​

Enjoy your time while your song is being mixed and mastered to industry quality by a professional audio engineer.

Receive Your Hit Song​

Receive, review and request revisions. Once satisfied the final master will be rendered and delivered.


Why musicians love mixing & mastering their music with Freaksonar.

To help us mix and master quality music, please ensure these few steps are completed before you submit your tracks:

  • Ensure that the stems/trackout files are not clipping.
  • Export all tracks to -6db on channel faders (not just master bus).
  • Avoid using compression, normalization, EQ or any effects.
  • Make sure no channel volume is in red.
  • Submit 24 Bit WAV Files in 44.1 or 48 kHz.

Before & After - Hip Hop / Rap Mixing & Mastering Samples

Hearing is believing 🙂

Before & After - Afrobeat / Dancehall Mixing & Mastering Samples

Hearing is believing 🙂

Before & After - Pop, Rnb and Rock Mixing & Mastering Samples

Hearing is believing 🙂

Before & After - Gospel / Others Mixing & Mastering Samples

Hearing is believing 🙂

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Audio Mixing and Mastering FAQ

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