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Misconception Of Being An Afrobeat Beat Maker

Throughout the years of my being a Professional Music Producer / Sound Engineer, I’ve come across many situations where people find it hard to believe that an Afrobeat Beat Maker can also produce other genres of music like hip-hop, r n b, pop etc. To be honest, I’m fed up with all this bruhaha. Then again, sadly this same misconception applies to just about every producer out there, I’m just zeroing in on the Afrobeat music scene on this article. But I guess I’ll have to just get used to it as this annoying and confusing trend doesn’t look to be dying off anytime soon.

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Khaye – Slay Mama Ft. OG Napoleon

Khaye – Slay Mama Ft OG Napoleon

IMG 20170409 WA0001 - Khaye - Slay Mama Ft. OG Napoleon

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Video : HitboyLaks – Down Low Official Video

Watch HitboyLaks – Down Low Official Video


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Video: (TGTGH) AbFad x Yong Flo – Fuck Shit Up ( Prod. By SONAR )

AbFad x Yong Flo are out with a new banger!

TGTGH (AbFad x Yong Flo) – Fuck Shit Up from SeenowTV on Vimeo.

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Afrobeat vs Afrobeats – What’s The Difference?

Afrobeat Vs Afrobeats ?

In truth, ​there is no “Afrobeats” genre. Only Afrobeat, created by Fela Kuti, and passed on through generations as an African identity. Pop music in Africa, by Africans, for the world is “Pop Music”

These days the term ‘Afrobeat’ has gotten a new meaning internationally, with the penetration of African pop music, and the widespread need for international pop acts to lean on it for inspiration, and new direction.
Wizkid collaborated with Drake and Kyla for the chart-topping song ‘One Dance’ which has co-production contributions from DJ Maphorisa and Sarz. Alicia Keys’ return to mainstream music with her single ‘In common’ has been touted to have drum elements of Nigerian Afrobeat Music. So also have countless materials from rappers and pop acts being fused with sonic elements originating from the shores of the Black Continent.

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Nigerian Afrobeat Music Defines The Sound Of Africa

I’m sure some of you agree with me that Nigerian Afrobeat Music is defining the African Sound.

The first things that get to you when you touch down in Lagos are the humidity, the heat and the sound of Nigerian Afrobeat Music bumping in cars and shops. While you’re caught up in traffic, you can obviously notice the billboards with Nigerian local artists on them all over the city. There’s a lot of energy like no other within this buzzing city of approximately 20 million people that not only churns out the music but attracts aspiring musicians from all over Nigeria.

When the originator of Nigerian Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, first came up with Afrobeats music back in late 60s Nigeria, no one would have ever foreseen or predicted the rise of West African music to its current form and state. In the past couple of years, the infant sound of Africa has managed to travel beyond borders and boundaries: not just entertaining listeners alone, but by creating a sense of pride about the continent. First there was music from the Congo, with rhumba spearheading the music scene in Africa, then came makossa from Cameroon, kwaito from South Africa, highlife from Ghana – and now, Nigerian Afrobeat Music (also known as Naija beats) from Nigeria.

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7 Songs To Begin Your Afrobeat Music Addiction

Need a few songs to help kickstart your Afrobeat Genre Journey? this short list should suffice.

It’s No Doubt That Afrobeat Music is having a moment.

fela main dark 1024x708 - 7 Songs To Begin Your Afrobeat Music Addiction

The overly popular (and diverse) music bubbling out of Africa has caught the ears of not only those in the African continent, but the diaspora as ably, spawning collaborations along as well as popular artists along in the midst of Drake and Machel Montano. Essayist Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah once said that Bobby Shmurda’s Shmoney dance “collapsed Flatbush to the islands to Africa in 15 seconds.” Well, Afropop music is sending that ancestral energy back across the Atlantic and the result is refreshingly defining.

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African Traditional Music & Culture

African traditional music & culture are as wide and varied as the continent itself. Traditional music varies by region as well as by tribe, and it is impossible to give a brief but comprehensive discussion of the music of Africa. However, much traditional African music does share some characteristics. Drums are widely used throughout the continent and are the most representative instrument of Africa.

Music and dance traditionally were so much a part of life that they could not be seen as separate from everyday living; in fact, in many cultures there is not even a separate word for music. Music and dance are used for special occasions such as births, marriages, coming of age ceremonies, funerals, battles, hunting, and more. Music has been passed down orally from one generation to the next and by hands on teaching, not by sheet music or written means. Learning about some of the regional musical traditions of Africa gives a peek into the musical traditions of the whole country.

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Best Dancehall Instrumentals Download

FreakSonar Offers the best of any kind of Jamaican / African Dancehall Instrumental You are looking to download for free or purchase. Kindly visit our Beat Store to download dancehall instrumentals now. And check out the other genre of beats we got available for y’all.

Download Dancehall Beats Here

But.. Lemme walk y’all through some handy Dancehall music facts.

Dancehall Music As A Genre –

Dancehall music is a type or genre of music which originated from Jamaica in the mid to late 1970s and is widely considered to be the direct predecessor of rap music. Dancehall music is, in its most basic form, a deejay toasting (or rapping) over a riddim Or Dance hall Instrumental.

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The Afrobeat Instrumental Store

Calm down, Relax. I know you’ve been searching for this platform to buy Afrobeat Instrumentals and you’re currently like. So. For real? There’s an Afrobeat Instrumental store in Nigeria? Like. A website where you can buy Nigerian beats and also get quality Mixing and Mastering Services for your track / album.

Yeah! It’s high time we put an end to Making unprofessional music.

Do You Know That You Can Buy Nigerian Afrobeat Instrumentals Online?

Who is FreakSonar? FreakSonar is a Nigerian online Music Studio and e-commerce website that offers the best of Naija Afro beat Instrumentals at affordable rates (Free beats are also available for download) and Offers quality Mixing and Mastering services to its clients also at affordable rates.

Why are we presenting this Afrobeat Instrumentals platform?

The mission of the website is to bring the African studio to Africans and Foreigners who live in Africa and outside of the African continent. The website makes it very easy to get access to quality Nigerian | Ghanaian | South African / African beats etc. without having to leave the comfort of your home, office / classroom etc. It has a very simple and attractive layout / design and a very easy to use interface. Screenshots Below.

FACE SCREEN - The Afrobeat Instrumental Store
BODY SCREEN - The Afrobeat Instrumental Store
Screenshot 20161222 183449 - The Afrobeat Instrumental Store
Screenshot 20161222 183508 - The Afrobeat Instrumental Store

How do I buy beats online?

You don’t have to sign up to buy beats… You just.. Put on your headphones or earphones and…

1). Browse the beat store for beats,

2). Click the “Buy” button, then add your beats to cart,

3). Fill in your details(name / email address etc.),

4). Enter your card details and Make payment.

5). Instantly download your purchased beats. No hassles..

6). Be sure to Check your email for your purchase receipt.

That’s all.. it’s that easy..

We also offer Custom Afrobeat Instrumentals Package.

So If you got a written song and need a beat for it, Or you looking for a particular type of beat, we can help you get that beat you need for that track. Just visit our custom beats page.

How do I Submit Tracks for Mixing And Mastering in Nigeria?

Wanna Have your Track Professionally Mixed and Mastered??

1). You visit our mixing and mastering page,

2). Listen to our awesome before and after mix samples,

3). Follow the instructions there,

4). Upload your Files and Make payment.

5). Get your Track ready in 3-5 days max..

It’s that easy..

Once again.. We know you’ve been searching for all this.. So. Do yourself and your friends a favour by paying our website a visit for any Afrobeat music making need that you may have.

For enquiries. You can contact us

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Summary of this article in bullets :

  1. You can Buy / Download Your Afrobeat Instrumental on FreakSonar.
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